GLASGOW STEEL is the name lead vocalist and guitarist Kieran Glasgow thought best described the band when it formed in early 2013. Firstly, ‘Glasgow’ for obvious reasons reflected Kieran and his previous musical history as an artist and ‘Steel’ because the bands sound largely featured the often-underrated steel guitar; a Jim Dyson Australian made eight-string lapsteel guitar to be exact. Not to be confused with the Dobro style ‘resonator guitar’ played in a ‘bottle neck slide style’ which incidentally, Kieran also plays. To confuse you even more the actual slide itself (sometimes made of nickel plated brass) is also referred to as a ‘Steel’.

Luckily for the listener Glasgow Steel’s sound and approach is much simpler but just as interesting and engaging. Hailing from Newcastle, NSW and blending blues, folk and soul music the bands sound evokes past histories of a steel city. Soaring smoke stack melodies that fly over rusty home-grown grooves breathing lyrical life into real people. Sometimes dark and dirgy but mostly optimistic and fun.

After Kieran hopped up with the house band at a local blues night and blew the audience away while channeling legends Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters the already established rhythm section of Robin Hay (bass) and Ricki Willis (drums) recognised that something felt right and now also call Glasgow Steel home. The groove-bed laid down offers a warm and feel good base for Kieran’s songwriting, harmonica and guitar to offer up an aural blanket and fill in the rest.

Always connecting with the crowd at a gig, the band are happy and at home in a relaxed small bar or on a larger festival stage.