New Site!

Hello there good people!

It’s a pleasure to have my new site up and running! it will be the online hub to visit, explore and find out what I’m up to musically. Some of you may know I’m now based in Newcastle , NSW which is close to the area where I’m from originally, it kinda feels like I’ve come home in a lot of ways and it’s great to be back living up this way after so many years travelling, touring and studying etc. Newcastle and the Hunter will be an excellent base to develop my music and the town has some quality talent and new venues popping up.

I also often travel south to catch up and play with friends/members of my old Sydney band Glasgow and the Fourth Wall which is always a blast. I have recently also formed a new band, GLASGOW STEEL and we’re starting to play around the Hunter. It is an exciting and stripped back blues and rootsy trio with Ricki Willis on drums and Robin Hay on bass guitar and I’ve really been loving exploring our sound and songwritng potential (check out the BAND page of the site)

I’ll still be doing plenty of solo shows for folks that enjoy me in that mode which can all be seen from the gig listing on the home page and make sure you keep and eye out for some new recordings that will be developing in the near future. Looking forward to catching up with you at a gig.